The Beautiful World Of Aces Casino

Aces Casino was formed in the year 1994, and instantly completed its mark in the business for giving best event organizers, caterers and slap-up meal amenities with the top inclined sellers, tools, and staff for every single casino celebration in Southern California. Whether, it is a cherished party for one table, a casino evening hires for a local supporter, or a long weekend event for many of the invitees, Aces Casino has just what the state of affairs demands for. Our site has also publicized that sophisticated casino kit and a brilliant operators do not have to mean �too lavish.� Our enormous bulk means �vast investments� for all the people of Southern California.

For about more than 15 years, our customers have revealed that Aces Casino has some of the lowest expenses for game tools rentals and amenities in the business. The costs of Two-table in-home casino occasions are as little as $ 250 and the rate of eight-table gaming suites begin at rate of below $ 985. Aces Casino supports each patron to regulate the exact sized casino occasion for his or her specific requirements. Experts come across or stroke any opponent’s publicized rates. For superior eminence gaming tools at low prices, it is now phenomenon that Aces Casino party is the choice of all the people.

Consuming lovely gear and a specialized occasion operators is a abundant manner to start, but deprived of the game; traders mark the occasion, and no one identifies this more than Experts Casino. Without interrogation, Aces Casino has been the chief in this region, from the time when its inception started, and it was been known on this principle. It is hard to become aassociate of the Aces Sellers System, as we just carry foreign the finest of the finest, from comics and jugglers to professional poker professionals and merchants, from mimics to the assorted characters of the Southland. Aces Casino has the maximum amusing brokers in the industry. Casino is our game and “Showbiz” is our tag.

Orange county casino party is an all time, California approved L.L.C. with services situated in Whittier and Buena Park. It also offers its patrons with the right responsibility assurance for each and every occasion. Although being one of the best casinos, Bash Enterprises in the Southland, Aces Casino Entertainment asserts on consuming only the deluxe approved dimension and excellent casino kit in the business. You will never find any replicated or mini gaming tables. Expert’s delivers its users with casino superiority earthen gaming chips, but they are never artificial tidily-wink flair chips and each auxiliary part used at an Aces occasion is genuine casino-quality in nature. You might get driven by a casino get-together quicker than low-cost, false casino mock-ups and fake chips. We should rely on real casino superiority tools, and all other types, you will permanently get from Aces Casino.

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Using the Internet to Get a Casino Gaming Job


Perhaps you want to go pro, but are not ready to rely solely on winnings to pa the rent. Perhaps you want to be near the action. Or maybe, you just want to work in a casino. Whatever your motivation, there are a number of resources on the internet to help you achieve your goal.


If you need training, there are several schools you can attend to get the skills you need to handle any casino job. The following are schools that provide training for casino jobs from entry-level dealer to security:

Crescent Schools Gaming and Bartending Locations: New Orleans, Las Vegas, Biloxi & Tunica.

Casino Dealer College Locations: San Jose, Sacramento, Fresno, Orange County, Los Angeles, Singapore, Detroit, Phoenix and Denver.

The Casino College Locations: Tempe, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Merced, Los Angeles, Omaha, Detroit, Atlanta, Denver and Tunica.

Green Valley School of Gaming Locations: Las Vegas.

PCI Dealer’s School Locations: Las Vegas.

Dealer’s Choice Professional School of Casino Gaming Locations: Temecula, California.

Two other nearby schools that do not have webpages are:

Academy of Casino Dealings
2327 Veterans Memorial Boulevard
Kenner, LA 70062

Mighty River Poker School
12400 Jefferson Hwy
Baton Rouge, LA 70801

Job Resources

Once you have the skills you need, there are numerous resources on the web were you can search casino job openings, review salary offerings and submit applications and resumes. The following sites allow you to peruse listings for multiple casinos in one place:

Casino Careers Online lists job opportunities from casinos worldwide. Job listings are for every aspect of gaming from the casino floor to the food service to hotel management.

Cruise Ship Jobs accepts applications for cruise ship jobs including the following onboard casino jobs: casino manager, casino dealer/croupier, cashier and slot technician.

Gaming Floor Job Listings keeps a list of casino job ads with emails to reply to. The site is generally full of advertisements which makes job hunting slow.

Gaming Search Associates, Inc. is a company out of California that specializes in connecting casinos with employees. They have a small listing of job openings for their individual clients. They also accept resume submission by email.

Vancouver Casino Jobs Online at CasinoZone lists casino jobs in Vancouver.

World Casino Directory Job Listings lists jobs in the gaming industry worldwide.

Other Options

Most major casinos now have their own website. If you have a specific casino in mind to work for, many of the sites have an employment section that tells you how to apply. Many of the casinos also have their own training schools. Good luck!

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Welcome To Skid Row Los Angeles

I was sitting at the local Burger King in Pomona, California, when I received a call from my friend Melina. I met her in 2011 at the Armory, which is a shelter in Pomona, California.

Burger King was a regular routine for me each morning, but this particular day I was having dinner of burgers and fries because I took a time out from going to the Harris Casino. I was waiting for night to fall so I could lie down and sleep in my usual spot by Goodwill.

“Hey girl, O no you don’t have to sleep outside you are a vet and there are places for you to go.” Melina Hollered.

This was after she poked and prodded where I was staying the night. She then proceeded to jump on metro link and take two buses to rescue me from Pomona. It took her about two hours to get to me from somewhere in Los Angeles. She was coming.

I sighed and continued to sit and charge my phone waiting, and she showed up and we quickly jumped back on the bus and did a reversed trip back to Los Angeles.

We arrived downtown L.A., and she took me to Julian and 7th street. For those that do not know, this area is called Skid Row. It looked like a war zone. People were laying on the streets, which were filthy with dirt and other unmentionables. All I could smell was unwashed bodies, weed, and cigarettes. A man was pushing his wheel chair across the street and his leg was swollen and yellow with gangrene, it probably needed to amputated. I later witnessed a lady with tumors growing out of the back of her head, we were so grossed out we had to move to another seat at church. Reminded me of the movie I saw years ago where the tumors had eyes on them and were looking at you. That’s why I moved.

As we walked Melina would wave, stop and hug a few people that she knew on the street. She seemed to have good rapture with everyone she had met through her stopover in skid row. She loved to talk about getting her SSI approved and we spent many times on that topic. She dreamed about moving to Las Vegas.

“When my social security gets approved I am out of here!”

I would nod my head and let out a grunt or two letting her know I was listening. But I knew she had an uphill battle to get it approved. Seemed people that haven’t worked a day in their lived had all the time in the world to get approved. Being over educated or having a good job was negative for applying for social security. If you had foster kids, and received money to care for them was also negative, because you were limited on how much you could be paid; didn’t matter that most of the money went for the care of the kids. Who figured?

EATING TIME is like the stampede of buffalo’s, or escaped animals from the some places. Some establishments have instigated some rules such as: handicap, women and couples first in line for serving. I rather cut my arm off than go anywhere else. What has happened in places like the Los Angeles Mission is an increase of handicap men; mostly black men that carry canes. Melina and I sat there and counted at least fifteen canes one day. That tells you the sorry state of many of our black men. Most of the skid row men are black; I would put it at around fifty percent or higher on a visual count.

It got me thinking about “the fight of the fittest” and “take what you want.” What does this mean?

Well meaning citizen would show up with food and hygiene products loaded in the back of their vehicles. Little do they know what to expect on skid row which feels like the end of time, which was the first thought I had when I walked through the filthy streets to get to my destination.

A couple of weeks go by and I adjust to living at the Volunteers of America Sheltered but learned a few things or two. Property is subject to theft, Melina and I experienced theft.

Periodically, I would come back to the VOA to take a 5 minute lay down, Melina was taking a shower, when one of the daybedders gets up and starts riffling through her bag.

“I yell hey what are doing.”

She got a weird look on her face, “Just putting something back and Melina and I are friends.”

Yeah right. She tosses the bag on the bed but leaves a jar of hair gel on the bed.

“Well, I am her friend and I don’t know you.” I’m looking straight at her.

I noticed the hair gel never made its way back into the bag.

Melina response “what the hell is she doing in my bag.”

VOA 86′d thieves, which means they are not allowed back onto the property. It took a second theft before Melina reported the first thief to management. The second thief was wearing her shorts and my shirt the next day. Melina knows her clothes even if I don’t. I have no attachment to my clothes. (Daybedders are allowed to sleep for one hour, and don’t live there)

Rats are rampant in downtown Los Angeles. Melina refused to walk on the sidewalk, because they were filthy and on certain streets she would not walk at all because she claimed she had seen big rats living on the street. It took me about two weeks to spot a rat coming out of the drains, about the size of a gerbil.

If you are ever homeless and living downtown they have many resources down here to get you off the street. I will give you some eating places to go.

St Vincent: Off Winston and 6th street: Gives out sandwiches and women can take showers here. Every now and again they will bring in something special such as McDonald’s. I also won some bus tokens in a contest they had.

Midnight Mission:Doesn’t have the best food or best atmosphere. I did not care for the crowed eating area.

Downtown Women CenterOff 5th and San Pedro: Great Food Healthy most days and geared for women only. They have lunch, breakfast and snack. My hang out, where women go to meet, get clothes, eat, and learn new things

Hippie Kitchen(Hospitality Kitchen): Off 6th and Gladys’s: Healthy also anyone can come, gives out hygiene items on certain days. Lunch starts at 9:30 am

Marla Gibbs: Yeah first Saturday of the month 5th and Towne. We were served fried chicken, beans, rice and given hygiene kit that was loaded!

Fred Jordan-Church:5th and Jordan (I think or Towne).Great food and handed out some food baskets. Women on Wed at 10:30 am.

Los Angeles Mission: Julian and 5th. Food is also good here and fresh. I have been served chicken, greens, corn on the cob. Some days like most places not the best but I recommend as an eating spot. 6:45 pm is the evening time to go.

Please note it’s not unusual for you to attend church services before they serve you a meal, so don’t be surprised. This is the custom down here on skid row. There are other places to go to eat that are free, but this is where I went that was walking distance. Most of the people down here have mental illness or drug and alcohol problems. It’s not the best area to come to but they have a host of resources to use.

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